Thank you for having some interest in our election process. That 2020 is a special year is already a fact. The Corona crisis obliges us to let the elections run entirely online. But we are convinced that this is not a threshold for you.

How exactly does the procedure go ?

MAIL 1: Call for candidates student representatives
In this first mail you can apply as a student representative of your study programme and/or your campus.
TIP: Be sure to leave a motivation text with your application. It informs other students about your motivation and they are also just fun to read!

MAIL 2: Voting candidates
In this second mail you can vote for your representatives. Next academic year they will defend and help shape your interests as students within the programs and campus.

MAIL 3: Put your candidate as a student on the Executive Board.
Within this team of students you will actively participate. Be sure to take a look at our overview page with the board positions. Experience has taught us that you may still have some questions. In Corona-times we are happy to receive you for an online interview. Please let us know via our FB page or by e-mail.

MAIL 4: Announcement of the results & invitation to the General Election Meeting.
It’s done. You will be student representative! We can delight the study programmes and the institutional board with a large group of new enthusiastic STUVERS, because that is what we call each other!

Finally, at our General Election Meeting we will elect our new Executive Board. From then on, they will join us on the course for a full academic year.

We always end this evening with a nice aperitif and dinner. The ideal opportunity to get to know each other a little better!